Maintenance Care Plan

For those who require chiropractic adjustment on a regular basis, this plan provides you weekly access to adjustments during the month. A perfect way to schedule your commitment to good health, and plan in advance–Dr. Kwan’s Maintenance Care Plan makes it easier to fit your well-being into an otherwise hectic schedule.


Is the Maintenance Care Plan right for me?


Designed for people who have gone through the corrective care process or who have been receiving regular chiropractic care elsewhere, this plan is a maintenance tool to keep your spine properly aligned.


Why do I need the Maintenance Care Plan?


Think of it as the chiropractic version of brushing your teeth.  Much like the negative impact certain foods can have on good oral hygiene, not taking proper care of your spine can have serious repercussions on your overall health.  Misalignments in your spine are caused by the physical, emotional and chemical stressors we experience each day.  In just a week’s time, these can accumulate, making it important to have your spine checked and any misalignments corrected. Maintaining your spine’s proper alignment and addressing issues that cause nerve interference is a key component of living a balanced and healthy life.