Phases of Care

All treatments fall into one of the following phases of care. Depending on the condition goals, it may be necessary to use more than 1 phase, or all phases.

Acute Care
The first phase is to reduce your pain and increase your mobility. You will see improvements relatively quickly. In this phase of care, you will receive massages in addition to chiropractic adjustments. These sessions are initially more frequent.

Corrective Care
This is the second phase of care which serves to correct and rehabilitate your body to the best of its ability. If you do what you’re told to do, don’t do what you’re not supposed to, you’ll have favorable outcomes. You’ll be given “homework” each week: therapeutic exercises and activities for you to do on your own in between treatment days. These sessions are less frequent.

Maintenance Care
When you have completed your corrective care, we will work together to create a maintenance schedule where you’ll come in occasionally for “tune-ups”. The timing and frequency will depend on how well your body responds to external stress in between treatment sessions, and what you do outside of the office.